SunStreet Branding Guidelines

Master Logo

The SunStreet navy logo should be used in most cases. The white logo may be used only on dark surfaces or on top of photos.

Acceptable text forms of the logo are as follows:
SunStreet | SUNSTREET |


The Cells can be used as a container, pattern, dotted line, or watermark. The octagonal shape is derived from a SunStreet solar microinverter.

Clear Space

The area surrounding the SunStreet logo must be clear of other logos, graphics or text. This rule also applies when placing the logo near the edge of a surface. The minimum clear space is defined as x, equal to half the height of the icon.

Minimum Size

The SunStreet logo should never be too small to read. We require that our SunStreet logo be shown no smaller than 120px in digital or 20mm in print. The SunStreet icon should never be smaller than 16px in digital or 6mm in print.

Unacceptable Uses

Don’t use the old logo.

Don’t use the wordmark alone.

Don’t rearrange the logo.

Don’t manipulate the logos aspect or positioning including: Skewing, Slanting or Tilting.

Don’t add taglines or additional text around the logo.

Don’t alter the color of the logo.

Don’t add typographic effects to the logo.

Don’t place the logotype with another typeface.

Don’t outline, encircle or put logo inside any shape.