SunStreet Branding Guidelines


Since 2013 we’ve been working alongside some of the largest builders in the nation to provide a seamless new home solar experience. By simplifying streamlining our operations process to keep new home construction timelines on schedule at no cost to the builder. Providing personalized in-depth education and training for our clients sales staff, and New Home Consultants. Delivering on time solar installs all while meeting building codes and satisfying solar requirements for new home production in over 10 states.

Brand Voice B2C

The SunStreet brand voice to consumers is light hearted and easy to understand. Our information is provided to our customers via marketing materials in the Welcome Home Centers and Sales Offices of the quality builders we work with. Collateral such as brochures/folder, program flyers, one sheets and simple animations.

Brand Voice B2B

The SunStreet brand voice to builders is informative, providing insight to our builder background and our detailed operations process. Our B2B marketing can be found in Sales Decks, Training Materials and on our builder website.